The powder coating system installed at Blue Willow Aluminium is ACT Nordson’s most advanced system available globally and comprises;

  • The Nordson ColorMax booth for fast and secure colour change.
  • Nordson Encore HD Application equipment with improved transfer efficiency.
  • Nordson Spectrum HD Powder feed center with Nordson Powder Pilot Control System.

ColorMax Booth
The Nordson ColorMax Booth is a highly efficient booth which lends itself to fast and secure colour changes resulting in minimal down time. It is constructed using proprietary canopy material, which has the least amount of powder attraction of any material on the market today, to expedite color-change operations. The booth, by virtue of its design, is environment friendly in that it contains powder, recycles reusable powder, allows users to dispose of waste powder under controlled conditions and saves energy through fast colour change times and variable fan motor speeds.

Encore HD Application
The most revolutionary aspect of the new installation at BWA is the introduction of the Nordson Encore HD application which is based on the ground breaking dense phase gun and pump design as opposed to the old traditional venture technology. These Powder Spray Guns provide for the most versatile and efficient performance available today and allows easy adjustment of the powder concentration and spray velocity to achieve optimum coating coverage and cured finish quality for every conceivable part type therefore resulting in:

  • Consistent, repeatable applied coating thickness and uniformity
  • Highest transfer efficiency
  • Fastest powder deposition rate
  • Lowest operating cost per part
  • Improved coverage of interior corners and recessed areas
  • Automatic purge cleaning of gun, hose and pump
  • Contamination-free, ultra-fast color change

Spectrum HD Powder Feed Center
Nordson’s Spectrum Feed Center combines all the features and benefits available in fast color change system feed centers with easy operation – and even more. The many features of our Spectrum Feed Center include:

  • A clean, low powder contact solution
  • Visible Pump Cabinet for easy maintenance
  • Ability to monitor sieve performance during production
  • Easily adaptable for short coating runs with full powder recovery
  • Flexibility in the Number of powder guns
  • High and Low Level Powder monitoring
  • Incorporates vibratory platform to feed virgin powder to hopper direct from the box
  • Flexibility in the number of powder guns
  • Quick release hopper lid and extract duct for easy cleaning
  • Simple and readily accessible controls for ease of operation
  • High pressure purge for contamination-free color change
  • Accommodates self-cleaning stainless steel round hopper
  • Allows for both reclaim and virgin powder supplies
  • Ultrasonic Sieve location assures no adverse effect on cyclone efficiency as well as single point cleaning
  • Open sieve design makes for easy visual inspection

In summary, The Nordson package of values which incorporates the ColorMax Booth, the Encore HD Application equipment and powder feed pumps and the Spectrum HD powder feed center is truly on the cutting edge and is by far the most efficient and fastest colour change system available on the market which offers absolute and consistent process controls.

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